Meme Channel

Meme Channel

Set a Meme channel, so any content in a channel will have upvote emojis, and more.

Each change can be seen on the right of the dashboard.

Custom emojis


The custom emojis feature is a premium only

To change a custom emoji in your server, just simply select the emoji for upvote and down vote.

Congratulate a user for hitting a milestone

Change the slider to green to enable.

It is possible to configure Chattabot to send a message when a user accumulates a specified number of “meme points.” To implement this feature, an interval value needs to be set. For instance, if the interval is set to 40, a message will be sent every time a user earns 40 meme points. Additionally, the message content can be customised according to the user's preference.

Meme of the month

Change the slider to green to enable.

Set a message sent to the winning meme of the month. Show off a top meme that really deserves more attention.

Set up

Step 1

Set the channel that you have memes form users

Step 2

Don’t want users to talk, set the no talking to yes.

Step 4