What does Chattabot do ?

Chattabot can manage your server, add roles on join, meme votes, button roles and more!

Inviting Chattabot

Setting up a Bot is really easy, just follow these steps:

Step 1

Invite the Bot via this Link (opens in a new tab)

Don’t want to worry about permissions Link (opens in a new tab)

Step 2


Step 3


It’s recommended not to remove any of the permissions.


Step 4

Select your server


Permissions Set Up

Make sure you set the chattabot role higher then the roles you want to manage.


Permissions Set Up Channels

If a channel is private or restricted by roles, Chattabot can't manage it. Use the administrator link (opens in a new tab) or grant Chattabot necessary permissions.


Support is available at Discord Server (opens in a new tab).

Now you're ready.