Configure event triggers, such as message deletion or message alteration, to send logs to the designated channel.

Change Bots Logged

If you want bot’s to be logged, turn on the slider.


Turn on slider to enable Logs when a mod executes the /warn command.

Warn Message

The warn message sent to the user.

Warn Limit

The limit to recommend to mods when to recommend banning.

Warn Timeout

Timeout, the user for an amount of time after they have been warned.

Channel To Not log

Select channels to not log events

Roles Not To Log

Selected roles not to log. Any user who has the role won’t be logged.

Executor Stats

A way to check your mods actions, command /modstats


The channel to send logs to

Step 1

Select the channel to log

Step 2

Select the sliders on events you want enabled

Step 3